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Anestasia Vodka

This Oregon-made vodka is a gem. It comes in a very impressive bottle that looks something like a crystalline iceberg, that could definitely double as a doorstop, vase or defensive weapon when emptied of its contents. And the contents, well, they are superb. Tasted this vodka frozen and at room temperature, and in both instances it was a very smooth, creamy, subtle vodka. Gentle fruity notes and a rich mouth feel. Tasted side-by-side (science demanded it!) with Russian Standard, our 5-star freezer standby, and neither one gave ground. A great vodka, heartily recommended.
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Vodka of choice
Reviewer: J.Radziwon | Review this vodka

Taaka Platinum

6 bottles in a row I bought were the centerpiece comes out when you take the cap off I'm getting ready to switch over to a different brand this is ridiculous get in touch with your quality department
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The last 5 bottles I bought have had the center piece come out every time I take the lid off. I am a quality supervisor where I work and this would never pass my auditors inspection.
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When it comes to shots, Oriloff tastes slightly more unpleasant than Smirnoff and a tad more unpleasant than Absolut but it is still bearable. However, when mixed, it can make a surprisingly decent drink. The price is the cheapest I have seen so far (in Australia) so in my opinion, it's good bang for the buck. Mix it with orange & mango soda.
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January 31, 2015
The Quest for Purity
The Quest for Purity

How many times should vodka be distilled? And when does the quest for purity go too far?

Paul E. Richardson
Tags: tasting, process, brands
January 28, 2015
The Little Water of Life
The Little Water of Life

Many nations of the world have a singular drink that they have come to be identified with and that has come to be identified with them. For Russians (and Poles, Belarusans, Finns and Ukrainians), it is vodka.

Paul E. Richardson & Mikhail Ivanov
Tags: history, alcoholism, tsars, Soviets
December 11, 2014
Vodka on the Zakuska Table
Vodka on the Zakuska Table

Vodka is an essential part of the Russian zakuska table. When a liberal amount of the potent stuff is supplied to guests, the meal not only will be off to a fast start, but to a rollicking one as well.

Darra Goldstein
Tags: zakuski, meals, entertaining
November 3, 2014
Vodka: The Miracle Drug
Vodka: The Miracle Drug

Sure, vodka is great to drink. But did you know it also has myriad medicinal, home-improvement and cleaning uses?

Tags: medicine, lifehacks

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