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Miodula Presidential Blend

Purchased at Kraków Lotnisko's duty-free shop. Another one of the oldies - this is a honey vodka, one whose precise recipe dates back to the 13th century, as it uses a specific type of wildflower honey from the Cieszyń region and is then aged for two years in fresh oak barrels. It smells magnificent - like old leather, molasses, and a bit of old book smell as well. The balance on the palate is just wonderful, with the ultra-syrupy and ethereally smooth honey offset by the piquant, lively spice of the rye base. The flavor itself is subdued and complex, in contrast to the cloying density of its sweetness - behind the immensity of the honey and oak, there's a strong sense of subtle terroir, much like what you'd get from world-class raw honey as opposed to that stuff from the plastic bear bottles. There are only 3000 bottles made per year, but as with all Polish vodka, it's still quite affordable by foreign standards. It's astoundingly lovely, especially on the nose, and one you shouldn't miss trying!
Reviewer: Sam W. | Review this vodka


Very surprised! Excellent vodka, shitty bottle! Much better than Grey Goose and other premiums out there!
Reviewer: scott | Review this vodka

Iceberg Vodka

At first you might think that this is a flavoured vodka, but that soon melts away to grossness and the wonder of what you're supposed to do with the rest of the bottle. I'd take Alberta Pure or just about anything else over this. It just doesn't taste like an un-artificially flavoured vodka should. Weather it's made from clean water is beside the point, I'll never buy this again.
Reviewer: William Olekson | Review this vodka


Purchased at a small shop in rural Pomerania. Light on the nose, but with hints of something like bitter lime zest or heavy tannin. This stuff is completely unfiltered, and is crafted to be the closest possible thing to what the world's first vodka tasted like. It tastes like getting kicked in the face by the most beautiful unicorn that ever existed. An initial light wave of clover flower and spearmint dances on the tongue almost playfully, with a backbone of lightly funky grain character not unlike buckwheat, before the stuff hits so strong that your teeth feel like they're vibrating. The flavor is prominent, and lovely - notes of apple peel, unripe quince, and young barley are surprisingly prominent. This stuff is a must-try for true vodka lovers. It's certainly the most delicious history lesson I've ever had, and I understand why it remains popular to this day in Poland - if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
Reviewer: Sam W. | Review this vodka


Purchased at a boutique liquor store in Kraków - this is aged 15 years, produced in Vilnius, Lithuania. For those who don't know, Starka is an ancient, traditional style of Vodka that is aged underground in fresh lindenwood casks with apple leaves. Rich and complex on the nose - mostly notes of caramel, but also with light woody undertones and something not unlike fresh-baked apple pie. This... this is exquisite. I'm finding difficulty describing how overwhelmingly complicated the flavors on hand here are, except to say that I can hardly believe this is still Vodka! It's definitely sweet, with a thick, unctuous custard-like mouthfeel. Vanilla, sandalwood, new leather, the smell of freshly-raked leaves, a hint of sea-spray, and an in-your-face Umami character that I have only ever experienced in Barleywine or Scotch. In an irresistibly delicious way, it reminds me of lightly sauteed forest mushrooms. The aftertaste is sticky-savory toasted caramel and vanilla - lovely. Sorry Vodkaphiles, I broke the scoring again - this one's a Six, going beyond "one of the best vodkas I've ever tasted" right up to "one of the best THINGS I've ever tasted". Should you find yourself in Poland, the Baltics, or St. Petersburg, it is MANDATORY that you find and bring back a bottle of this nectar of the gods.
Reviewer: Sam W. | Review this vodka

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