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I had the honor to drink Luksusowa for the first time at my friend's resort in Slupske. I usually don't like vodka because of the 'rubbing alcohol' after-taste; I was surprised and delighted at the taste of this vodka. Luksusowa is so smooth, you would almost be convinced you're drinking water (woda). Truly hard to find here in the state of Iowa, where your alcohol is grain or non-existent. I found a distributor online and anxiously awaiting my shipment. My friend in Poland, who owns the resort, serves Luksusowa to all his guests.
Reviewer: Aniol Mandeck | Review this vodka

New Amsterdam

I personally think this is a great affordable smooth Vodka for its price range. I can take shots of this and not need a chaser, very smooth. Nothing like overrated Svedka that tastes like nail polish remover aftertaste.
Reviewer: Curt | Review this vodka

Grey Goose

Grey Goose VX This is a very nice bottle if you can find it. This should only be sipped. It is very smooth no burn and a hint of sweet to finish. Well worth the price of the bottle.
Reviewer: Darren Schiffer | Review this vodka


Sobieski has fresh spring mountain air with subtle vanilla background. The entry and palate is bitter saccharine rye with heat The finish is brief with vanilla, and citrus under tones. It is not good straight,or chilled ,and is just a mixer .
Reviewer: Gary | Review this vodka


Very smooth. No after taste. Goes down like a fine wine.
Reviewer: Rod | Review this vodka

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January 31, 2015
The Quest for Purity
The Quest for Purity

How many times should vodka be distilled? And when does the quest for purity go too far?

Paul E. Richardson
Tags: tasting, process, brands
January 28, 2015
The Little Water of Life
The Little Water of Life

Many nations of the world have a singular drink that they have come to be identified with and that has come to be identified with them. For Russians (and Poles, Belarusans, Finns and Ukrainians), it is vodka.

Paul E. Richardson & Mikhail Ivanov
Tags: history, alcoholism, tsars, Soviets
December 11, 2014
Vodka on the Zakuska Table
Vodka on the Zakuska Table

Vodka is an essential part of the Russian zakuska table. When a liberal amount of the potent stuff is supplied to guests, the meal not only will be off to a fast start, but to a rollicking one as well.

Darra Goldstein
Tags: zakuski, meals, entertaining
November 3, 2014
Vodka: The Miracle Drug
Vodka: The Miracle Drug

Sure, vodka is great to drink. But did you know it also has myriad medicinal, home-improvement and cleaning uses?

Tags: medicine, lifehacks

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