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Tito's Handmade Vodka

Tito's is my personal favorite vodka for mixing drinks. Nothing tastes better in my screwdrivers and my blue whales. Very smooth. It will always be my first choice!
Reviewer: Kayla | Review this vodka

Crystal Palace

If you love vomiting, feeling as though your eyeballs are going to explode from your head for 24 hours straight, gagging at the thought of something you haven't consumed in almost 5 years, and feeling as though you could possibly die, then I highly recommend you try crystal palace vodka.
Reviewer: Kayla | Review this vodka

Six vodka

Picked up a sealed 1.75L bottle of Six Vodka yesterday, and drank it both straight and mixed. Tasted like it had been diluted with distilled water. Barely felt anything afterwards. QA must have been absent the day they bottled this liquid runoff. What a waste of sixteen bucks.
Reviewer: Dan | Review this vodka


The greatest vodka ever. Orange goes down like water and is a great mixer. Blue raspberry is also very good and tastes just like candy and also mixes very well with lemonade. can not speak high enough of brunets. It is greatness in a bottle.
Reviewer: Josh | Review this vodka


I'm a huge fan of mashed potatoes...and when I found Luksusowa, mash, I was in awe from sniff go. I noticed the aroma was almost nonexistent, which for me is a big plus. Then it came to the tasting....WoW! So very clean. I thought I was drinking just my freshly picked and squeezed tangerines! I have been a Chopin vodka for years but found Luksusowa to be of a much finer quality, and easier on my wallet. Spouse and I are considering buying stock in this Vodka!
Reviewer: Sandspur | Review this vodka

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January 31, 2015
The Quest for Purity
The Quest for Purity

How many times should vodka be distilled? And when does the quest for purity go too far?

Paul E. Richardson
Tags: tasting, process, brands
January 28, 2015
The Little Water of Life
The Little Water of Life

Many nations of the world have a singular drink that they have come to be identified with and that has come to be identified with them. For Russians (and Poles, Belarusans, Finns and Ukrainians), it is vodka.

Paul E. Richardson & Mikhail Ivanov
Tags: history, alcoholism, tsars, Soviets
December 11, 2014
Vodka on the Zakuska Table
Vodka on the Zakuska Table

Vodka is an essential part of the Russian zakuska table. When a liberal amount of the potent stuff is supplied to guests, the meal not only will be off to a fast start, but to a rollicking one as well.

Darra Goldstein
Tags: zakuski, meals, entertaining
November 3, 2014
Vodka: The Miracle Drug
Vodka: The Miracle Drug

Sure, vodka is great to drink. But did you know it also has myriad medicinal, home-improvement and cleaning uses?

Tags: medicine, lifehacks