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Erik Wiklund

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Ah, I'm new here and thought the first fill-in page was for my profile. So... this is what I want to post: I've been drinking Gordon's for years (with some rest breaks) and have always considered it right fine, close to the top shelfs. And I loved Gordon's distinctive orange and white cosmetics... ah, that orange cap. I was thus crestfallen when one day I went to buy a bottle only to discover the orange has given way to (cough) blue! Baby blue? Yeh, I understand they may have done this to avoid any potential confusion upon the intro of an orange-flavored vodka. But are people so obtuse as to not recognize the word "Orange," writ large on that label? Two more words to get off my chest: plastic bottles! What the heck are they thinking? $1.79 juice at my supermarket comes in glass. Gordon's is the vodka James Bond drank, after all. Though not expensive, it's always been a classy brand and a spirit more than able to inspire a peaceful expression on the visage of a martini drinker when he or she takes a first sip of the day. Drawing toward the close here... I imagined my disappointment would eventually wear away, but it hasn't, and that's put me of a mind to take action. On another browser right now I have the contact info for parent company Diageo. Fellow Gordon-ers out, take heart. I'm going all the way to the top (I know how to get there with such folks and always do. We'll then have a very nice chat on the subject of tradition and brand loyalty. ...Hello from gorgeous Florida... Erik

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