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Exclusiv Vodka

Poured from freezer into a frozen shot glass, how else? Upon smelling it, my immediate reaction was to say "What the F***?" out loud - this Vodka seriously, no lie, smells EXACTLY like Pastrami. Beefy, smokey, peppery pastrami, in Vodka form. Color me intrigued. An effervescent drumroll of pure fire goes almost straight up the nose upon sipping, with delightful notes of kvas, raw garlic smell, pickled herring, and fatty smetana. As offensive and pungent as those flavors are to some (and sublimely delicious to me), the body is smooth as can be and there's very little harshness in the aftertaste, which is reminiscent of raw chive flowers. This is not a vodka to sip at the cocktail lounge with your buddies - this is a vodka to slam onto the table with your comrades before getting arrested for public indecency. Upon taking the rest of the shot, I actually gasped from how strong and incredible this stuff is. THIS IS NOT A VODKA FOR SISSIES. I said in a previous review that "I like a little fight in my drinks", and this one goes beyond that and leaves bruises. Some weirdos are into that, and I am one of them.
Reviewer: Sam W. | Review this vodka

Belvedere Unfiltered

Poured cool into a tall dram glass - "The Whiskey Drinker's Vodka", so why not? Typical Polish vodka smell on the nose - cool, clean, a bit like powdered sugar or fluoride - but with a noticeable hint of stinky funk, like a barnyard or fine fur. This stuff is flat-out wonderful! It strikes a perfect dichotomy between seriously spicy burn, like fresh-ground white pepper straight up the nose, and subtle sweet smoothness. The burn is almost entirely nasal or on the palate, rather than on the way down. Start to finish it has profound notes of clay-rich artesianal sea salt, dried cranberry, and a hint of mint and rosemary. For those that have had Gryzalka or Horilka, it's reminiscent of a top-shelf version of that. I'm glad I found this on a serious sale price, because $45 would have been far too steep - but this is definitely a premium vodka nonetheless, and one that I highly recommend for those like me who detest too little flavor.
Reviewer: Sam W. | Review this vodka


Smells of lemondrops and fresh linens on the nose; very, very pleasant! The first sip brings a wave of tangy, juicy notes on a *very* thick body, with a powerful yet relatively inoffensive burn. It leaves the mouth quite sticky, with a lingering sugary aftertaste. I like this a lot, but I think it's going to end up in more cocktails than shots for me. This is a very good vodka for people who don't usually like vodka!
Reviewer: Sam W. | Review this vodka


I give it four stars because I think it gets a bad name for some cultural reason but when you actually compare the product with its neighbors on the bottom shelf it is far above those other s*** vodkas. Just as if you taste Belvedere or Grey Goose and realize they aren't worth the price, popov is the inverse. It's better than its price. Noticeable less hangovers as well
Reviewer: Bigfruity | Review this vodka

Russian Prince

To be completely honest, I was blown away by how awful this was. I'll get it out of the way before anything: this vodka smells and tastes like rubbing alcohol. It has to be the most foul Vodka I've ever tasted and I couldn't even keep a single shot down. Awful. I would give it less than 1 if I could.
Reviewer: Alexander | Review this vodka

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